Trenchless Pipe Laying

2nd Feb 2014 at 11:51am

Trenchless Pipe Laying technologies has exposed countless new and exciting advancements.

Trenchless Pipe Laying Projects that were once considered far too massive in scale to be reality are now successfully accomplished. The very best aspirations of pipeline specialists have become a reality as well as the field has celebrated several truly outstanding goals.

Southern Cross Directional Drilling will go anywhere, any time 24 hours a day to complete your trenchless pipe laying requirements.

Southern Cross Directional Drilling can also install conduits and water mains up to 700mm in diameter over distances of up to 150 metres or more.

  • Southern Cross Directional Drilling have bored projects like twin p100 shots 180 metres long under the Brisbane Airport drive roundabout,
  • 2 x 8 way bores across Lomandra Drive Brisbane with less than 900mm separation between nests,
  • 450mm water main bores across Takalvin Street, Bundaberg – 45 metres in length,
  • 70 metre x 400mm polyethylene water main bores for Moreton Bay regional council at Mango Hill.

All these projects were completed with a 17,000 pound machine.

Southern Cross Directional Drilling have a new addition with our brand new 32,000 pound Astec HDD that has a new F2 location system.

Of course, trenchless pipe laying technologies offers several uses as well as far reaching applications. It’s not merely gigantic pipelines which are carried out by Southern Cross Directional Drilling. Smaller sized (blank) environmental services are some of the company's additional services.

For any job big or small, Southern Cross Directional Drilling has the expertise and experience for getting the work done promptly and within budget.